Zuri Hands is the person behind this concept, and she perceives that great results can be also acquired via simple solutions, but every stage that is needed during the process, has to be guided by research, patience and skill.


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BeBalance is a self-levelling seat for passengers with motion sickness, with the sensibility to fitful movements while sailing or for anybody who wants to travel with stability. This provides its user balance and relief from the motion sickness’s symptoms during the trip on the ferry. The BeBalance seat’s concept still in process, its design is being developed through the research of the materials and shapes that passengers could avail on the city ferries, together with the aesthetics of a classic Nordic design. In addition to its main function, the BeBalance seat has acupressure points on the armrest level, that help to minimize the dizziness. About its stabilization system, is not available for testing due to the length of this project, but is been verified that the hydraulic/electric system for self-levelling can hold a person or an object stable in relation to the horizon.