mushROOM is a pop up structure for passengers who are waiting for the ferry to come, along the bank side.  It has two functions as it is a bench which can turn into a shelter. This double use is closely related to weather conditions.  The foldability has been pursued in order to limit the taking up of place, letting people enjoy the landscape as much as possible. Consequently, ticket offices won’t be needed anymore and mushROOM will be associated with automatic ticket machine.  In the center of the bench there is a solar panel which provides energy for the hydraulic telescope arm to move the structure. The user is the one who controls all the movements thanks to a technologic totem which has all the information needed about the functioning of the bench/shelter.




Comfort and protection from the wind are the focal points of the concept. Curiosity, eagerness and passion, guide the design student Giorgia Gallesio in order to find a solution to enjoy the view from the pier in a better way.

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