Wavelet is designed for Turku’s public city ferries. Wavelet has got its shape from a bark boat that drifts into the stream. Wavelet’s seat is made from trees that has been cut down from the Kakola Park, which gives it unique look and increases the local feel to it. The water element has proven to be soothing and health promoting. Under the Wavelets seat is water wave ripple effect lights. They reproduce a rippling pattern of light as the sun rays penetrate into the water. The color of the lights can be changed according to the desired mood. Wavelet’s colors are always adjustable from energetic and positive yellow-red tones to soothing and health-promoting blue-based shades. The purpose of Wavelet lights is to promote feelings of calmness, safety and reliability during the travelling.




Jaana Pitkänen feels that successful product design includes good functionality, pleasant appearance, but also always something extra. Something that makes the product unique and separates it from others


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